Adopt A Trail

East West Partners and East West Destination Hospitality have teamed up with U.S. Forest Service and the Vail Valley Mountain Bike Association as part of the Adopt-A-Trail program. Our crew,


North Trail -office view for the day

of about 9 people, worked a portion of the popular North Trail from  Buffehr Creek to Davos.

Andy Gunion and Cody Wyse lead the pack on the first work day last Friday, July 29th. Forest Service was on site to provide guidance, tools and first aid if needed. The afternoon involved of trimming back vegetation, improving trail drainage, great views and lots of sunshine! Also thanks to Edwards Station for providing some snacks and drinks!

It was a soul satisfying experience to be able to give back to the community, get some exercise, and get outside at work. Keep a lookout in your email for upcoming opportunities to give back to our high country paradise!


East West volunteer crew  


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